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PS Marion: Living Australian History

Taking full advantage of her home base on the River Murray in Mannum, the Paddle Steamer Marion, a fully restored heritage vessel built in 1897, is an integral part of the Mannum Dock Museum. Marion was recommissioned in late 1994 following her restoration by a dedicated team of volunteers who contributed many thousands of hours to this project. Being one of the last steam driven, wood fired, overnight passenger carrying side paddle steamers in the world, she stands now as a testament to their enthusiasm and dedication. PS Marion continues to be maintained and crewed by volunteers.

Being restored to the glory days of the 1940s, with guidance from the Conservation Management Plan, the Paddle Steamer Marion not only accurately portrays the era of river trading as it was, it brings life to the museum as a fully operational object of the Museum’s collection. Visitors can inspect the vessel whilst moored at Arnold Park Wharf, or elect to take an extended River Murray cruise to soak up the experience of the traditional maritime way of life.

Development of the PS Marion bow from a 2 level to a 3 level.

The steamer is open to the public every day and runs passenger trips throughout the year. For information on up-coming cruises click here. It provides a unique opportunity to experience the thrills and mysteries of the golden years of the river boats and will go on doing so for many years to come.

Statistics about the PS Marion Registration – registered number 112,509 First registered in Sydney in 1900 – number 46/1900
Registration was then transferred to Adelaide in 1928 – Number 4/1928 Length – 107’11” Beam – 22’7″ Depth of Hull – 5’3″
Height from waterline to top of funnel – 30′
(note: funnel constructed to allow lowering)

Tonnage: Underdeck 104.49 tons Deckhouses 52.82 tons Gross 157.31 tons Engine and crew space 58.2 tons Nett 99.11 tons Wood Capacity 40 tons Boiler:
Steel 120lbs PSI manufactured by Marshall & Sons Gainsborough Engines:
Common non-condensing, semi-portable type, 2 cylinders each 11″ by 16″ stroke, spur gear drive, NHP 20, IHP 120, manufactured by Marshall & Sons, Gainsborough in 1900.

Plans for the PS Marion

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